Protection For Your Interior and Exterior

We know how you love how your new car sparkles and shines. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for your showroom finish to come under attack. Acid rain, water spots, and other harmful elements dull the finish of your exteriors. And on the inside coffee stains, juice stains - not to mention rips or tears can terrorize the fabric and leather in your car. Our Interior and Exterior Protection fuses a protective shield to your car to protect it from harmful environmental elements - so you can keep your showroom finish for years to come. 

Theft Protection 

Did you know your car is more valuable in pieces than as a whole to thieves? Our Etch Protect permanently etches a tracking number on one of the most valuable parts of your car - the glass. Your windshield, rear, and side windows are marked, making it almost impossible to sell off - making it unattractive to thieves. In the unlikely event that your car is stolen, if you're covered by Theft Protect, you'll get a cash benefit to help offset the unexpected and costly expense of replacing your vehicle.