Why Change The Engine Oil In Your Vehicle?

It's necessary to replace your engine's oil if you'd like to keep your engine performing at its best. Fresh oil will protect your vehicle's engine from everyday wear and tear while keeping your parts lubricated.

When Should You Replace Your Engine Oil?

We recommend that you replace the motor oil in your vehicle every 3k to 5,000 miles to keep your engine performing like it's designed to. Your driving style and weather conditions you're driving in should also be considered when deciding how often you need to replace your motor oil.

For example, during winter or off-road driving, you may have to service your engine oil more frequently - although, you still should not go past 5,000 miles since your last oil change.

How To Know If There's An Issue With Your Motor Oil?

By identifying the signs of oil related problem, you might save a lot of money and headache down the road. There are a few common signs that we're going to list below that will help you identify if you have an engine oil related problem.

Oil Stains Under Your Car

Oil Below The Vehicle

Finding engine oil puddles below your vehicle can be tricky, especially in the summer time. If you have the AC running, water will leak from the AC. This water can sometimes be mistaken for an oil spill under your vehicle. The spots that would leak oil is the Valve Cover Gasket(s), Oil Pan Gasket, or even the Oil Plug. If this engine oil leak is ignored, a leak could become a large problem and damage the engine due to low motor oil pressure. If you have reason to believe that your vehicle is leaking oil, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible to be looked at.

Low Oil Pressure

Low Oil Pressure

If your vehicle is suffering from low engine oil pressure / if the engine oil light is lit, this can become a major problem for your vehicle. Your engine needs a specific amount of oil to stay properly lubricated like it was designed to. If the engine oil light on your car's dashboard comes on and stays on after starting your vehicle; or if the motor oil light comes on while the engine is running, (even if it goes off quickly), you should get your vehicle inspected immediately.

Engine Oil Change Price in Sandusky?

Over the lifespan of your vehicle - one of the most inexpensive services you will get for your vehicle is an oil change. The price of getting your oil changed will depend on what kind of engine oil you use, You can expect the cost of your oil change to start around $35 - however, the final cost will depend on the oil you like in your car.

Why Have Your Engine Oil Serviced by Kasper Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Sandusky?

Kasper Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram will make sure your vehicle is working at peak performance by using vehicle recommended engine oil and oil filters that are formulated for your vehicle. Our technicians will also inspect and make sure your engine doesn't have any problems, will explain what they've found, and give you advice & recommendations for getting the most out of your vehicle's engine.

Don't wait until your vehicle breaks down to be proactive about your vehicle's engine. Protect your investment by consulting with one of our vehicle service mechanics. At Kasper Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we get satisfaction in helping our customers keep their vehicles working like new.

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